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22 August 2006 @ 10:54 am

Aquenda meets up with No in Feralas, still a bit upset about killing Erunamo.

So they head to Silithus to grind.

And play dress-up.

After making a comment about there's only bugs and cultists in Silithus.

Later on, in Ratchet, we make fun of Vaien's typos.


There's a quest line in Silithus about a girl being corrupted by something connected to C'thun. IT RANG A BELLA LET ME TELL YOU

Aww, bonding.

Outside Stratholme. Blushing No!

And again!

Bwa ha ha.

In Stratholme, in character.

Took this shortly before Brad came home and DC'd me. D:

There was Brilling. Aquenda didn't really want to be there, but I did, so ha.

Vic was having love problems.

He accused me of smoking peacebloom, can you believe it? /gasp

True story.

After a public display of affection from Tweck, people get the wrong idea.

<3 Vaien.

Silkk explains lesbianism to Vic. Through song!

Hand-holding? O ho ho, maybe it wasn't the wrong idea people were getting after all...

After Aque asks Vaien wtf he means by "five-gold-night."

Explaining prostitution to Aquenda, who is horrified.

Tsk tsk, Tweck!

Fire-side snuggling.

That may very well be as dirty as it sounds.


Disclaimer: She wasn't really offended.

More crossdressing! Roffle Goldark. At least he was wearing clothes, unlike the Forsaken who invaded our ship.

And then Tweck and Aque went to spend some alone time below deck. But you guys don't get shots of that, O HO HO.
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redcloudmesaredcloudmesa on August 31st, 2006 07:36 pm (UTC)
Oh! Oh. I do so love screenshots. :)