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20 August 2006 @ 12:34 am

So we went on down to Blackrock Spire to try the arena. We... didn't do too well.

Back to the Kodo to meet up with Vaien and Morash.

And to confront Slorn while piss-drunk.

And to plot another dragon hunt.

And to speak to Slorn while sober.

And to watch Xa'ru confront Slorn.

And to become a pirate of Xa'ru's crew!

But back to the dragon hunt. Off we go!

We arrive at our destination: Ashenvale.

Our target was nowhere in site, but this little runt? Wiped us all out.

So we went to Duskwood instead. On the way I noticed this decorating Orgrimmar. Classy.

It wasn't in Duskwood either, wtf!

So we all had fun dueling until poor Tweck got killed. ;_;

Teasing Vaien is fun.

Aque spends quality time with a Forsaken. And Apothecary, at that! Ah!

No showed up and we paid our respects to poor old Quiza.

Not as wrong as it sounds, really!

Speaks for itself.

Pondering going to Karazhan...

Man, Aque would've been so disappoited if he said yes.

I liked this angle.

Aquenda, No and Void look over the ruined castle.

And they go into the "forbidden" zone!

See, he calls her "Little Sister" when he's encouraging her to be evil.


Oh my god, Erunamo! Haven't seen him in over a month!

Most annoying quest ever. The spirits wouldn't shut up.

seeing good old Emonamo again made Aque realize she hasn't seen any of her Alliance friends since before she died.

Flamey's daughter from the future! Three guesses as to which gnomes she's talking about, and the first two don't count.


Popped back Horde-side for a while to oocly run Tweck's alt through WC. I did it nearly-naked because I COULD.

Even if it ooc, I finally got Vaien to dance with me.

We tried a Strat run but we wiped with our first pull. GOOD GAME, US. GOOD GAME.

So we went to explore Silithus instead. Ahn'Qiraj, to be exact.

He was nice enough to provide a clear path for Morash and I.

But once he was killed, so were we.

We gave up on trying to get past the first room of the ruins, so went to the temple instead.

Of course we died right away, but the monsters in here are pretty cool. C'Thun told Morash his heart would explode.

Back to Stormwind! Look, it's Dalin! Who was a total ass, as usual. <3 Dalin.

Lash and I were messing around oocly. The strange looks we got were so worth it.

Meeting back up with Emonamo!

And that crazy chick who leashed him.

Tweck's Orb of Deception is awesome! And technically "human" Aquenda should be that tall, but, you know, game mechanics.

No kidnapped me and brought me to the Westbrook Garrison, the place of 1000 soap operas.

Of course he never really left.

Because drama popped up!

We were holding a ritual to cure another crazy elf. Aquenda just wanted to kill her.

She has bad memories of such things, you see.

Comic relief!

Next day, Aquenda was still here. Wishing she had a cape to billow dramatically behind her. Sigh.

Look ma, no disguises!

We attracted a bit of attention. It isn't every day you see Hordies on the roof of lowbie Alliance buildings after all.

We went back inside so Pook could seduce No. >:D

Emonamo considers living life on the other side.

Too many elves!


Leash-woman is persistent.

He originally was going to seduce Aque the previous night but angst interfered. HA.

enlisting the help of a shaman!

Emonamo was very ill, you see, and he collapsed.

So Aque got help, but the stubborn elf insisted he was fine.

I liked this angle.

Still being stubborn!

Enlisting the help of a warlock, now.

It didn't exactly help. In fact, Emonamo only felt worse.

So Aquenda went to put him out of his misery...

She was quite shaken by killing him. No comforts her. THERE GOES THE LITTLE SISTER THING AGAIN SEE

Aquenda decides to go back to the plaguelands, leaving No to be alone with the seductress herself.

What next?! More drama? Actual dragons? Who knows...
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No Grimtotem: shirtlessno_grimtotem on August 20th, 2006 07:02 am (UTC)
You might have been paying your respects for Quiza, but I was just being ANGSTY.

Also, the "little sister" comes up whenever he's encouraging you or attempting to be endearing. That just happens to be when you're being evil. NOT MY PROBLEM.

And... Pook is the devil! ;)
Trixter: GBA Game Boy DS SPautobottrixter on August 20th, 2006 12:00 pm (UTC)
I love that pirate outfit...

And ha! I have a human disguise, too! As you saw. I just ICly hate to use it... >.>