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17 August 2006 @ 11:16 am
Screenshot time!  
This community needs SOME activity.

Spent some time in Silithus. Aque doesn't like bugs.

Talking about how easily humans give into corruption.

Thank you, Vaien. *scrubs brain*

Riding a kodo to the Kodo! O ho ho.

The Kodo which is, of course, crowded as can be.

Methinks a duel just happened.

No has a reputation!

One that isn't very good.

At least he's popular with the ladies!

Tweck starts laying into No.

Cue mild suspicion!

The Magic Wolf act didn't work so well this time...

The next evening, Aquenda encounters Slorn! both of them were using pseudonyms but by the end of the evening had figured eachother out.

Learning details of her death, which became a Broadway musical. Or something.

Yeah right.

I am a Chosen One!

So after all that she decided she really needed a drink, so back to the Kodo it was! And she ran into Tweck there.

Haha, cock.

Enjoying eachother's company in the moonlight. This was before Tweck attacked poor Aque with kisses.

Teasing poor Vaien for not knowing his age. He's obviously a mere child.

That wolf is sexy. D:

Tweck explaining the human justice system...

"We win! /flex"

Sitting by the fire, being all snuggly with eachother. Except Vaien.

At some point the topic of dragons was brought up, so we went on an expedition to find one for ourselves!

We even attracted the attention of a couple of humans.

On the way we stopped at the arena. The place was crawling with paladins.

Look, everyone's paired up. But not poor Aque.

After failing to win the prize in the arena (damn paladins), we finally reach our destination! There was no dragon, though.

So Aque let everyone have fun with a tremor totem to compensate. We'll get that dragon next time!

Tune in next time for more screnshots, hopefully including a nice big dragon massacre!
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Aquenda Tenderhoof: studyingaquenda on August 17th, 2006 06:23 pm (UTC)
You really do! It's so easy to get addicted though. *_*