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29 June 2006 @ 04:21 pm
1. Rebirth of the soul in another body.
2. A reappearance or revitalization in another form; a new embodiment.

Shamans, of course, knew that death was not the end. Nonetheless, the prospect of dying always made Aquenda nervous. Just what did happen to someone when they died? She knew that sometimes, the spirit stayed in the realm of the living, either to serve as a guide or to see their goals completed; other times the spirit was reborn in another body; and sometimes...

Sometimes the dead didn't stay very dead at all.

Brill was full of examples of such people. Aquenda shivered, pulling the tattered quilt closer around herself. She didn't want to be here, surrounded by Forsaken, so close to the place of her torment. So close to where he would be soon, where he would find her missing. He would come to get her. To put her through further torture.

It was while she had been undergoing the torture that, for the first time in her life, Aquenda longed to finally die. Perhaps she would find a peace and freedom unattainable to her in life. Anything had to be better than the constant pain, the mutilation of her body, the echoing screams mingling with maniac laughter...

Even now, kept in the safety of her well-guarded room in the Gallow's End Tavern, Aquenda was still tormented. Her body still throbbed with pain, and she felt so exhausted. But she couldn't sleep. If she slept, everyone would leave her, and he would find her.

Every so often she would fall unconscious, and the nightmares would begin. While her body lay trembling on her bed, Aquenda's mind was still held captive within the darkest corner of the Undercity. Still a victim to sick little "experiments." Still a plaything for him.

She would awake from these dreams in a cold sweat, crying out in terror. It took minutes for her to realize that she wasn't in the Undercity anymore, and that she was under the care of the Haven.

Currently she had just woken up from a nightmare, and as her remaining eye adjusted to the room's dim lighting she struggled to slow her breathing down. Just a dream...

No. Dreams were often pleasant. And it had been more than a nightmare-- it was a memory. One Aquenda wished she could rid herself of.

She was so tired... and in so much pain. If the memory would just vanish, she could just sleep the pain away. That would be so nice.

The thought itself was so inviting. Aquenda could feel her eyelid drooping.


She couldn't sleep. The nightmares would start all over again.

Rest your head, little Spring Rain. I can promise you a peaceful sleep.

Aquenda flinched at the suddenness of the voice. It was one she knew she had never heard before, yet there was a familiarity about it that was... somewhat unnerving. Despite that, she felt soothed by it.

Aquenda, go to sleep...

Her gaze flitted about the room, searching for the voice's source. Of course, she was the only one in the room. There was something, though.

On the edge of her bed was a single green feather.

Aquenda reached out with a broken, trembling hand, brushing her fingertips over it. She held her breath in anticipation. Yes, it was real. Could it possibly mean..?


I am waiting for you, Aquenda.

No, no. This had to be a hallucination. Surely her time in the Undercity had done as much damage to her mind as to her body, which had led her to begin hearing voices.

Still, what if it was true? What if her spirit guide had returned to her, and could grant her a peaceful sleep?

Aquenda was too tired to refuse. She nestled her head into her pillow, closing her eye. Her body gave a final shudder, and then fell completely still.

At first came the sensation of floating, as though she was underwater, but a look around revealed that she was instead surrounded by stars. The pain in her body had vanished completely, leaving her feeling warm and comfortable.

Then there was the feeling of being engulfed in large, gentle wings. She smiled and nuzzled the mass of green feathers, and despite realizing she was dead, for the first time in a long time, Aquenda felt safe.

Perhaps one day she would be born again into the world of the living. Perhaps one day the world would be a better place.

Until then she would remain amongst the stars, sheltered by the Haven of the night.

((Yeah, IRL events have made it hard for me to get any computer time at all until August, and since the situation Aquenda was in made it easy to kill her off... I did so.

I'll still do my part for the Haven writing project, and will try to keep up with events through MSN and the LJs! And whenever I DO get the chance to log on WoW, there are always the alts!))
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